Romertopf Clay Baker - How to Choose Yours

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clay bakers have been used since time immemorial. One of their very beautiful characteristics is that they help you produce not only delectable but healthy dishes. Clay bakers from Romertopf allow you to cook your meals using the natural juices of the meat and vegetables so there is seldom any need to add additional oils for fluids. Furthermore, the results are tastier and more nutritious.

You may also like the idea that clay bakers are very easy to maintain. They typically clean up with warm, soapy water and the more resistant bits only take soaking over night. The cookware is also attractive enough that you can leave them out for display in your home. It's like you have additional accessories.

You may also be surprised to discover the variety of clay bakers made by Romertopf that can be used for roasting or baking main courses, side dishes, appetizers or even deserts and they are all reasonably priced. To give you an idea of the range of products, check out the list below:

Clay Baker - Small: Are you planning a more intimate party with friends and family? There are several small clay bakers that should fit the occasion with three versions ranging from around one quart to three quarts (2 to 6 pounds). These clay bakers from Romertopf can be utilized to hold a one or two chicken breasts or a couple of pork chops along with accompanying vegetables. Just right for two or three but probably enough room to feed up to 4 people. These can also be used for deserts such as apple crisps or peach cobblers. These models are also small, which means you can easily tuck them away once you're done using them.

Clay Baker - Medium: Have a bigger family? The newer design Romertopf bakers fit this niche. Ranging from 6 to 12 pounds, these are great for medium to large chickens, small roasts, meat loaf or even lasagna. The main protein can be complemented with an array of potatoes and vegetables easily. The versatility of these clay pots means they can be used often while still providing a wide variety of delicious and nutritious meals.

Clay Baker - Large: Sometimes referred to as the turkey roaster, the largest Romertopf baker holds up to 17.5 pounds. As an idea of how large it is, you can picture placing an entire turkey, including the stuffing, inside and roasting it in your oven for Thanksgiving dinner or other special occasions. This also makes it easier as the turkey will not need basting and, to get it brown, just remove the top for the last 15 to 20 minutes. Serving is possible with the clay baker also. I provides a good carving platform and will keep your meal warm by just putting the top back on, as an option, you can place the clay pot back in the oven for a little extra warmth.

Companion Pieces:

Corn Baker: Wait till you try corn on the cob baked individually in these corn bakers.

Garlic Baker: If you like roasted garlic, you will love this baker

Apple Baker: How do you like to end your every meal? Of course, you want to top it with the most delicious but nutritious dessert. For that, you can use the apple baker from Romertopf. All you need to do is to place the apple inside the clay baker, put the clay pot inside a microwave or oven, and wait for few minutes for you to properly bake the fruit. It's easy as that. Top with ice cream or caramel or your favorite topping.

Banana Baker: For a delicious desert change of pace, the banana baker will provide some unique surprises. Finish as with the apple above.

Bread Bakers: The array of bread bakers provides something for every occasion. Round and rectangular loaf bakers along with a set of mini-loaf baker should fit every baking need.

Indeed, Romertopf clay bakers are excellent additions to your kitchen and provide a wide variety of choices even beyond what is described here. What's more, they could inspire you to be creative while keeping meal preparation easy and quick.

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